Demo Pictures

These two pictures show my favorite way to use the cover. With
one side tucked under my arm. It is usually the side opposite my son's head. Sometimes I preferred to tuck both sides under.
This is the Cocoa Polka-Dots on Aqua fabric.
Stuff Sack in Brown flowers on blue (this fabric is permanently out of stock).

Stuff Sack in White Polka-Dot on Black fabric


Anonymous said...

I have a few questions: is 26" the length or width, also, I had a nursung blanket before but the boning tore out of the material, are these reenforcend in any way, also, do you do any sort of discount if multiples are ordered. Thanks

babyhideaway33 said...

I'm not sure if you will get this reply, but you didn't leave anyway other way to contact you, so hopefully this works.
The 26" is from the neckline down. Let me know if that doesn't make sense.
As far as the boning goes, I've made over 85 covers, a few of which have been for friends and relatives that I see all the time, and no one has told me of the boning coming out. I stitch at both ends of the boning, and I reeinforce about an inch from each end going through the boning as to keep it in place even better. Let me know if you have any other questions. Please e-mail

John and Katie Adams said...

Are you still selling these in Rexburg? If you are I am interested in getting on in brown with pink polka dots. I'm local so I'd just come pick it up. My email is
Thanks Katie

Anonymous said...

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