Big Polka-dots (3/4")

Big Brown Polka-dots on Pink

Big Pink Polka-dots on Brown

The close up doesn't show the color very well. The picture below is a better color reference.

Polka Dot Collection

White on Black

Black on Pink

Brown Polka-dots on Aqua

Aqua Polka-dots on Brown


I had a request for reviews of my nursing covers. So I've decided I should open up a section for reviews. I will start with my review, and then I ask that anyone and everyone who has purchased or used one of my covers, please feel free to give your opinions for future interested customers.

I had my son Jack on December 1st, 2007. I didn't really go out in public much until a few days before Christmas, so I hadn't really been too concerned with covering up. We were at my in-laws during the holidays, and my sister-in-law noticed my struggle to keep covered while trying to nurse in the family room with a blanket. I was really getting frustrated when she told me that she had heard of a nursing cover and explained it. She said that since I did a lot of sewing, I should be able to figure out how to make one. The next day, we went to the fabric store, got some fabric, D-rings, and boning. After several hours, we had our first Nursing Covers. I have since modified them in a couple of places and love using my cover. I also wanted a little matching bag for my cover, so I made one of those too.

My sister-in-law and I went to a swap meet a few weeks later. We decided to make a few more covers and see if we could sell them at the swap. I used my cover to display it to those interested. Most didn't even know I was nursing until I told them. We sold a few of them, and had orders for a couple more. The business has snowballed since then.

I love my cover. I made one for each of my sisters and a few of my cousins, and they all love them too. Please feel free to leave your own review. It would be greatly appreciated.