Demo Pictures

These two pictures show my favorite way to use the cover. With
one side tucked under my arm. It is usually the side opposite my son's head. Sometimes I preferred to tuck both sides under.
This is the Cocoa Polka-Dots on Aqua fabric.
Stuff Sack in Brown flowers on blue (this fabric is permanently out of stock).

Stuff Sack in White Polka-Dot on Black fabric

Black Elegance

Green Damasks

Brown Damask on Mint Green

Light Green Damask

Coco Disco Dots

Yellow Bubbles

Mocha Bloom

Red, Grey, and White Dots on Black

Gabrielle Collection

Blue Gabrielle w/Glitter

Pink Gabrielle w/Glitter


Big Polka-dots (3/4")

Big Brown Polka-dots on Pink

Big Pink Polka-dots on Brown

The close up doesn't show the color very well. The picture below is a better color reference.

Polka Dot Collection

White on Black

Black on Pink

Brown Polka-dots on Aqua

Aqua Polka-dots on Brown


I had a request for reviews of my nursing covers. So I've decided I should open up a section for reviews. I will start with my review, and then I ask that anyone and everyone who has purchased or used one of my covers, please feel free to give your opinions for future interested customers.

I had my son Jack on December 1st, 2007. I didn't really go out in public much until a few days before Christmas, so I hadn't really been too concerned with covering up. We were at my in-laws during the holidays, and my sister-in-law noticed my struggle to keep covered while trying to nurse in the family room with a blanket. I was really getting frustrated when she told me that she had heard of a nursing cover and explained it. She said that since I did a lot of sewing, I should be able to figure out how to make one. The next day, we went to the fabric store, got some fabric, D-rings, and boning. After several hours, we had our first Nursing Covers. I have since modified them in a couple of places and love using my cover. I also wanted a little matching bag for my cover, so I made one of those too.

My sister-in-law and I went to a swap meet a few weeks later. We decided to make a few more covers and see if we could sell them at the swap. I used my cover to display it to those interested. Most didn't even know I was nursing until I told them. We sold a few of them, and had orders for a couple more. The business has snowballed since then.

I love my cover. I made one for each of my sisters and a few of my cousins, and they all love them too. Please feel free to leave your own review. It would be greatly appreciated.